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SoilSEDUMA 2009


International Symposium on Soil, Sediment and Dust Magnetism


29 June - 1 July 2009

Target group: scientists who study problems of:

  • magnetic properties of soils and sediments, occurring as a result of both: anthropogenic or technogenic (urban and industrial pollution) and natural processes (caused by pedogenic, geogenic or sedimentary features);

  • magnetic properties of urban and industrial dusts;

  • magnetic pollutions in living organisms.

Organizers: Institute of Environmental Engineering, Polish Academy of Sciences, Zabrze, Poland

Opole University, Department of Land Protection, Poland

Aims of the Symposium:

Presentation of scientific results of studies conducted in different laboratories in the World in the  field of soil, sediment and dust magnetism as well as magnetic pollutant in living organisms.

  1. Exchange of experiences of scientists from different disciplines (geophysics, geochemistry, soil science, environmental geology and geography, biology, archeology, medicine) and analysis of new trends in this field of study.

  2. Possibility of practical application of magnetic methods and techniques for assessment of ecological state and changes of natural environment, pollution monitoring and health related problems.

  3. Building of scientific platform (working group) for promotion of magnetic methods as a complementary methods supporting classical chemical and geochemical analysis in study of soil, sediment and dust environment.


Doc. dr hab. Tadeusz Magiera

Institute of Environmental Engineering

Polish Academy of Sciences, Zabrze

Tel: 0048 32 271 64 81

Fax: 0048 32 271 69 50


Katedra Ochrony Powierzchni Ziemi
ul. Oleska 22, tel. 077 401 60 20, fax. 077 401 60 30
e-mail: kopz@uni.opole.pl
administrator Grzegorz Kusza