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Reg Transekt


Date: Sept 25/26-2008

Location: Glucholazy (Opole district, Poland) – Hotel Skowronek - www.caritas.glucholazy.pl

Organisers: Institute for Environmental Engineering, Zabrze, Department of Land Protection Opole University

Scs. Committee: REG-TRANSEKT Consortium

Download: Registration form 2.doc

Do pobrania: Rejestracja-uczestnika.doc

Target Groups: local and regional administration, environmental agencies, scientists, planning bureaus, SEM’s

Aims of the Symposium:

  • Presentation of innovatory tools and method for fast environmental site assessment and data acquisition, applicable in urban and post-industrial areas, which would support land-use management decisions by environmental information.
  • Presentation and information on research approaches, results and marketable tools for the analysis of environmental data and frame conditions necessary for better planning and land management.
  • Identification of major development needs for practice-science cooperation in the field of environmental conditions and land-use management especially in sensible regions (e.g. post-industrial regions and urban regions with high demographic changes etc.).
  • Parallel: exhibition of innovatory tools and systems for gaining information on environmental quality and their transformation into supporting land-use management system.
  • Networking possibility.
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Katedra Ochrony Powierzchni Ziemi
ul. Oleska 22, tel. 077 401 60 20, fax. 077 401 60 30
e-mail: kopz@uni.opole.pl
administrator Grzegorz Kusza